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For The Win Robotics focuses on fostering critical thinking and lifelong curiosity through the power of experiential STEM and computer science education.


When you purchase a Hopper Classroom Bundle, you not only invest in a best-in-class drone, you enter into a partnership with a company fully committed to helping educators further STEM and computer science education in all communities.   


Our new Hopper drone is a fully 889-compliant system designed to be robust, reusable, and scalable for many years to come. Students learn STEM skills from building, flying, and coding Hopper in a safe educational environment. When students finish the experience, they disassemble their drones and prepare for the next group of students. In this way, the per-student cost of Hopper becomes a fraction of the initial purchase price. 


We built technology into the drone that brings innovation to your classroom. Hopper discovers and learns what it is capable of alongside your students, continually evolving its capabilities over time  We believe this is the smartest investment for the classroom.

Partnering with FTW means we will work with you to deliver the tools and programming you need to engage and inspire students. We welcome your feedback and regularly incorporate what educators say into our services and technology. This feedback loop ensures that together we positively impact as many students as possible.  

FTW is a USA-based, secure end-to-end solution. Hopper is our design and technology. We manufacture Hopper with trusted partners. We write and maintain Hopper’s software and the FTWFly and FTWCode apps, and as new capabilities are released, your drone seamlessly updates. The Build | Fly | Code delivers a curriculum that is developed in-house and will continue to grow alongside Hopper. We promise to continue to expand the value and benefit of STEM programming to educators well into the future.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Team FTW

More Than A Drone

Our work is expansive, reaching more than 1,000 schools across the United States. For the Win Robotics’ STEM and computer science programming is available for every education setting - from K-12 classrooms to college campuses, afterschool programs to summer camps, in-person classes to virtual or hybrid learning environments - and is implemented in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors.


With our Build | Fly | Code program, we have developed an innovative education system that offers educators new professional development opportunities while making STEM and computer science education fun for learners. Hands-on lessons incorporating both hardware and software, enable us to make the principles of flight theory, mechanical design, and coding accessible for learners of all ages.


Our focus on experiential education means that we are constantly innovating to ensure our programs reach as many students as possible, including under-resourced students and those with different learning styles or abilities. By promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity, we are helping build essential skills today’s students need to become the workforce of the future.



Rob is a visionary brand builder with more than 20 years of experience elevating unique voices and guiding industry leaders to new technologies. As an executive within the music industry, he defined mainstream culture by breaking 50 #1 songs and promoting artists like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Drake, and Eminem.

He held influential positions at two major record labels before transitioning to Spotify, where he leveraged real-time data, consumer insights, and customer feedback to champion new business models and elevate brands globally. In the process, Rob helped redefine the record industry as we know it today.

His ability to amplify brands and identify gaps in the market led him to pivot to education, where Rob recognized a need for better STEM and computer science-based education technology. As executive chairman, CEO and cofounder of FTW Robotics, he pioneered the Build | Fly | Code program and released a first-of-its-kind curriculum to schools across the United States. As a father of two young children, Rob sees Build | Fly | Code as an incredible opportunity to awaken the interest of students and educators worldwide.

Rob Harvey
Executive Chairman + Cofounder
Rob Harvey

Daniel is a STEM education entrepreneur dedicated to making innovative technologies fun and accessible for students of all ages. Having grown up in a blue-collar family, he understands the importance of sparking curiosity and introducing students to new opportunities in the sciences. While working in the green tech space, Daniel developed an education program about renewables that has been implemented across the United States and in more than 50 countries.

Today, he imbues that passion for discovery and innovation into every aspect of FTW Robotics’ strategic operations, from business development to logistics and everything in between. Daniel works collaboratively with his colleagues to drive toward key objectives and ensure the team is implementing the company’s vision. As one of the cofounders, he believes FTW Robotics can make a difference in education by inspiring students and introducing them to a whole world of opportunities made possible by technology.

Daniel Mehay
Chief Operations Officer + Cofounder
Daniel Mehay

Commander Jennifer Nicholls brings a lifetime of experience driving innovative and inclusive STEM programming to her role as chief program officer. With a primary goal of dispelling the common misconception that "STEM is difficult" and empowering all students with the confidence to achieve, she has devoted her life to enriching STEM education for both students and educators. Having served in the Navy for 20 years and earning multiple degrees in aerospace engineering, as well as a Ph.D. in systems engineering, Jennifer possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise in the field. Driven by her deep passion for inspiring young minds, Jennifer chose to transition to the classroom. As a middle school math teacher and adjunct professor at The George Washington University, she revolutionized traditional teaching methods by crafting inventive and all-inclusive lesson plans. Her approach encouraged students to actively participate in hands-on activities, engage in critical thinking exercises and apply STEM concepts to real-world situations. Jennifer’s experience and drive to make a difference led her to Mathnasium, where she successfully grew two franchises and eventually went on to become the company’s corporate senior director of education and then vice president of learning center systems, training and international franchise operations. ​

Jennifer joins FTW Robotics with a shared mission that drone-centered education can make STEM and computer science education fun for all learners, while promoting collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity -- essential skills today’s students need to become the workforce of the future.

Jennifer Nicholls
Chief Program Officer
Jennifer Nicholls

Allison has been a key member of the FTW Robotics team since its founding. She believes that every customer deserves a white glove experience and strives to build deep relationships based on proactive communication and trust. Her ability to tailor the customer experience to the unique needs of a given client has enabled her to provide expert care to every account and help build a lasting partnership.

“For me, the most gratifying part of the job is seeing kids engage with our program and become part of a community. We’re making a difference in education every day.”

- Allison Mehay

Allison Mehay
Head of Customer Experience
Allison Mehay

As a former helicopter technician for the United States Air Force, James brings deep technical expertise, problem-solving skills and a strong commitment to safety and precision to his role as program manager at For The Win Robotics. With a strong and finely honed belief in the value of adaptability and perseverance, James’ passion for nurturing and empowering young talent drives him to inspire students to embrace creativity and think critically.

James believes For The Win Robotics is uniquely inspiring the next generation of drone enthusiasts and innovators by teaching them the art and science of building, flying, and coding drones. Further, the impact drone-based STEM education can have on shaping the next generation STEM workforce is profound, and hands-on training is critical in driving future technological advancements for the country. James received numerous certifications for aircraft maintenance technology and aircraft powerplant technology from the Community College of the Air Force.

James Perino
Program Manager
James Perino

Bob is a prolific innovator, pioneering programmer, and seasoned systems architect whose name is attached to hundreds of patents. He created revolutionary programs and products for leading technology companies, including Qualcomm, Kyocera, and Motorola, before founding his own company, XQC Engineering.

Since 2021, Bob has been a key engineering asset for FTW Robotics, where he leads a team of experienced designers in creating new drone hardware and software. He continues to power the progression of FTW Robotics with a constant emphasis on the utmost in excellence and future-thinking innovation.

Bob Ganton
XQC Engineering CEO + Founder
Bob Ganton
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