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FTW (For The Win) Robotics is a STEM-based experiential education company using drones as an effective way for students to explore engineering, computer science, aviation and more.


From flight theory and design to basic coding, FTW’s lessons and activities help students gain a well-rounded perspective on this emerging new technology. Drone exploration inspires students to seek and discover the infinite career possibilities within STEM. FTW also facilitates student-focused activities that promote collaboration, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage exploration, which are essential skills for a next-generation workforce.

Founded in 2018, FTW is proud to have worked with over 1,000 schools.


From the classroom to the obstacle course, FTW helps make the learning experience exciting and fun! 


We’re a team of people passionate about education, technology, and the learning experience. We hope to awaken interest in science, technology, engineering, and math through our hardware and innovative hands-on activities.


Although we believe drone technology has the power to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders, we are driven to deliver one simple thing - a fun learning experience!


We also know the importance of customer feedback, so please reach out to help us continue to develop a winning product.