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The opportunity to build early interest and mastery of STEM and computer science programming should be universally available to all students. But it’s not. At every stage of K-12 education, students who attend the most underserved schools are the least likely to have access to STEM resources, experiences and classes.


Build | Fly | Code | Give is our solution to close the gap in access.

All Students

Build | Fly | Code Give

We’re donating hardware, software and professional development resources to expand STEM and computer science education that connects students and educators with skills critical for the 21st century.


Build | Fly | Code | Give encourages all students to engage with hands-on technology. Our system enables educators to tailor lessons to individual student needs, pacing and learning styles, so all students can explore the infinite possibilities of programming, coding, mechanics and electronics.

$100,000 to Expand STEM

As of 2023, we’re working with more than 1,000 schools, college campuses, summer camps and after-school programs across the U.S. providing hands-on STEM and computer science learning with Build | Fly | Code, our innovative STEM and computer science education system.


We’re on a mission to put Build | Fly | Code in the hands of all educators and all learners. That’s why we’re committed to supporting underserved school districts nationwide. By giving students and educators access to hands-on tools, resources and support to expand STEM and computer science education, we can work toward universal STEM literacy and open the doors to new opportunities.

1000 Schools and Building

See how the Pennsylvania Department of Education collaborated with us to build a drone program that provides hand-on, STEM and computer science-based learning for thousands of students.

Case Study:

From Pilot Program to Statewide Solution

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