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Our goal at FTW Robotics is to provide educators and students with access to informative and high-quality learning materials. All throughout our Educator Portal, we have focused on providing a rich and dynamic learning experience that helps elevate our Build | Fly | Code program, and is an essential asset to work through the B | F | C process with our Parrot Mambo DIY kit. Our content will always continue to be ever-evolving and specifically tailored to educators and students alike. Educator Portal access never expires and is updated consistently with new and fresh content.


The Educator Portal is broken down into four sections that directly correlate with our Build | Fly | Code program:









We have also included a new resources section that provides access to all of our past and existing content, new lessons and activities, and further resources to aid in delivering a fully enriched learning experience.


​We believe that drone technology plays an essential role in our current and future society and that educators and students should have first-hand experience in this emerging field. We are dedicated to providing accessible materials and content and appreciate any feedback to further improve the Educator Portal experience.



  • Student Educator Portal access allows for flexibility for all types of educators, whether programming is happening in the classroom, at home in a hybrid learning environment, or virtually.

  • Not a drone expert? Utilizing our resources and materials, educators can teach right out of the box. Our educational lessons provide a wealth of background information, technical guides and further resources that dive deep into the drone world. Want to design your own content? We have also included our image and learning assets for use in your own presentations, which can be tailored more specifically to your individual class needs.

  • Educator Portal access is completely web-based and can be used on any device that has access to the internet. There are also materials available in the Resources section of the Educator Portal for students with limited or no access to technology.


  • Educator Portal access allows for students to have access to everything they need, when they need it: help with repairs, hardware issues, flight control and programming questions. It is the student’s reference book.

  • With each individual student access code, students are able to access the Educator Portal and work alongside the educator or work individually at their own pace. Parents or guardians can also participate in the student's learning experience at home.



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