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When you purchase a Hopper Classroom Bundle, you not only invest in a best-in-class drone, you enter into a partnership with a company fully committed to helping educators further STEM and computer science education in all communities.   


Our new Hopper drone is a fully 889-compliant system designed to be robust, reusable, and scalable for many years to come. Students learn STEM skills from building, flying, and coding Hopper in a safe educational environment. When students finish the experience, they disassemble their drones and prepare for the next group of students. In this way, the per-student cost of Hopper becomes a fraction of the initial purchase price. 


We built technology into the drone that brings innovation to your classroom. Hopper discovers and learns what it is capable of alongside your students, continually evolving its capabilities over time  We believe this is the smartest investment for the classroom.

Partnering with FTW means we will work with you to deliver the tools and programming you need to engage and inspire students. We welcome your feedback and regularly incorporate what educators say into our services and technology. This feedback loop ensures that together we positively impact as many students as possible.  

FTW is a USA-based, secure end-to-end solution. Hopper is our design and technology. We manufacture Hopper with trusted partners. We write and maintain Hopper’s software and the FTWFly and FTWCode apps, and as new capabilities are released, your drone seamlessly updates. The Build | Fly | Code Portal delivers a curriculum that is developed in-house and will continue to grow alongside Hopper. We promise to continue to expand the value and benefit of STEM programming to educators well into the future.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Team FTW

More Than A Drone

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