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The goal of the lens (Image Sensor) is to enable Computer Vision Technology.  The lens is not just used to obtain pictures and video, there is a different purpose.  The SD Card is for recording data, telemetry, and sensor information, for later analysis.  Multiple Optical Sensors, including but not limited to Infrared (IR) and Color, make Hopper an ideal Computer Vision Platform.  The Adjustable Image Sensor Mount allows for Direct-Down and Forward-Pointing Options in the Visible Spectrum.

Printed Circuit Board

The goal of the Wifi Solution is to deliver Real-Time Telemetry and Image Information from Hopper to the Ground Control Computer for Autonomous and Computer Vision Applications.  Hopper’s Flight Control Computer is a Dual-Core Processor perfectly suited for the dual task of Communications and Flight Control. The system includes an Accessory Port which allows for a variety of Future-Additional Capabilities.

Printed Circuit Board

Novel User-Centric Method for Developing Test Flight and Strategies to be later developed in the Programming Environment. FTW Fly also serves as the singular Hopper and Hopper Controller Software Update Vehicle.

FTW Fly (IOS, Android)

Coding Platform utilizing Block-Based Programming Technology enabling students Rapid Engagement and Capabilities to use many of the features available aboard Hopper.  This system allows for a variety of Future-Additional Programming Technologies.

FTW Code (IOS,, Android/soon)

Bespoke-Extensible Controller specifically designed to manually fly Hopper on early missions to Develop Planning and Strategy.


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