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With our innovative Build | Fly | Code learning program and training sessions, we at FTW Robotics, are guiding educators and students down a course to understand the basic principles in building and flying drones. Utilizing our Parrot Mambo DIY, our Build | Fly | Code training teaches educators to build drones from the ground up, earn their pilot wings through the science of flight, and utilizes FTW CODE for a block-based coding experience that manipulates the drone’s flight using coding commands and programming.

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Build is our hands-on approach to assembling our Parrot Mambo DIY. Build covers the entirety of the assembly process from initial part layout to step-by-step instructions on how to fully assemble the Parrot Mambo drone. The presentation includes images, graphics and videos alongside text based instruction.



Fly covers an introduction into the concept of general flight, aerodynamics and drone flight. Educators are taught how to use Parrot’s FreeFlight Mini application to connect their drones and enable them for flight. Fly also showcases how to fly the drone using drone flight movements such as roll, pitch, yaw and throttle.


In Code, the focus is on an introduction into algorithms and basics of coding, including block-based coding using FTW CODE as its programming platform. Educators learn how to pair their drones using built-in Bluetooth capability and program the drones to fly with custom-built block code. This code can be saved, downloaded and imported, allowing for sharing across various means.  


Educators and students can get access to the Build | Fly | Code program through our official Educator Portal or by taking part in one of our virtual, Zoom based, training sessions. Each of these training sessions gives educators the knowledge and tools to be able to get their students and fellow educators off the ground. Most training sessions are 6-8 hours in total length and can be broken down into modular sessions depending on your group’s needs. Our training sessions are remotely taught and each one of our training sessions are set up to be dynamic and interactive.


As a supplement to our live training sessions, we host a variety of educational resources through our website and Educator Portal. Our Educator Portal houses our full Build | Fly | Code training materials, as well as videos and various technical guides. Educators can also find quick access to our Frequently Asked Questions and our Troubleshooting guides. In addition to this, our support team is available to provide support for any educational and/or technical needs. 


Our goal at FTW Robotics is to provide students and educators with engaging and dynamic programming that allows them to experience first-hand access to drone technology and a learning path that is foundational, innovative and exciting. Students will be exposed to cutting edge fields and career possibilities and with scaffolded instruction, our learning assets equip beginners with fundamental skills and confidence that extend into complex applications, paced with student interest and teacher capacity. These advanced learning extensions deepen engagement and allow students to demonstrate a mastery of engineering, coding, and soft skills through advanced and collaborative projects that connect to national science standards.

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