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Take your classroom’s curiosity to new heights.


Through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive educational resources, Hopper makes STEM learning accessible and engaging for students of all abilities.


We are dedicated to helping educators revolutionize STEM education by providing the tools to make diving into coding, robotics, and engineering fun and accessible.

Meet Hopper

Designed for Hands-On Learning

  • Unparalleled safety features 

  • New printed circuit board design

  • Dual-core processor

  • Optical flow sensor (Provides high-performance positional stability and accuracy)

  • Time of flight sensor (High accuracy low-altitude sensing capability)

  • Optimized color sensor 

  • Infrared sensor array (Multipixel IR)

  • Forward and downward facing camera (Video and Photo)

  • In-flight live stream video capability via WiFi

  • MicroSD storage

Hopper takes Build | Fly | Code to the next level. Introduce your students to flight theory, mechanical design, and the basics of coding with the latest drone and sensor technology. And, because Hopper’s hardware is robust and reusable, and its software, getting smarter constantly, educators can create more opportunities, and expand hands-on STEM learning to underserved communities and students of all abilities. 


With plug-and-play support, educators who loved Mambo can put Hopper’s technology in their classroom without a new drone purchase.​  Any of our Mambo customers can contact us to learn about our early adopter upgrade package, Hopper Up. 


Each kit includes one Hopper drone, spare parts, and all the necessary components to build, fly, and code a drone.


  • Propeller Guards [set of 4]

  • Propellers [set of 4]

  • Body Panels Set

  • Airframe

  • Motor A [set of 2]

  • Motor C [set of 2]

  • PCB w/gimballed camera

  • Batteries [3] + Multi-charger


  • Propeller Tool

  • Motor Tool

  • T3 Screwdriver

  • Tweezers

  • Screws

  • Controller

  • AAA Battery [2]

  • SD Card

  • Storage and Carry Case

  • Safety Glasses

Spare Parts

  • Propeller Guards [set of 4]

  • Propellers [set of 4]

  • Motor A [set of 2]

  • Motor C [set of 2]


  • Build | Fly | Code Portal access

  • FTW Code platform

  • Plug-and-play support


We have reimagined our Obstacle Course to align with modern technologies and capabilities. Our redefined elements will allow students to interact with Hopper in exciting and innovative ways; encouraging creativity and unique problem-solving through a fun, engaging, and connected platform.


Stay tuned for more information!

  • Hopper [x3]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal License [Lifetime]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal Access Codes [x6]

  • Hopper [x6]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal License [Lifetime]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal Access Codes [x15]

  • Hopper [x12]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal License [Lifetime]

  • Build | Fly | Code Portal Access Codes [x30]


Step 1: Customize Your Bundle

From Hopper drones to spare parts, accessories and access to the ever-growing content, get the state-of-the-art tools needed to transform your classroom into hands-on learning with Build | Fly | Code.


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