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Introducing the

Heroes Program





Heroes Program

At For The Win Robotics, we see heroes not only in storybooks or on the silver screen, but also in classrooms. That's why we're excited to introduce The Heroes Program as a part of our Build Fly Code Give initiative, an award cycle dedicated to celebrating educators who go above and beyond to inspire the next generation of innovators. We're calling on our community to nominate these everyday heroes who are tackling real-world problems in their classrooms. And, in return, we’re offering these heroes a chance to receive a high-touch installation of the Build Fly Code Platform in their classroom, including our latest innovation, the Hopper drone, and access to professional development opportunities. 

Identifying Your Hero

To be considered a hero, it's not about what you teach, but how you bolster lifelong curiosity in students. Regardless of region, demographics, or socioeconomic standing, many classrooms are led by heroes who deserve both the recognition and resources to support their efforts. We're looking for educators who demonstrate creativity, dedication, and a commitment to empowering students to make a difference in the world. We want to hear about their impactful work happening in STEM classrooms across the nation.


We’d also like to know how this education champion would use this opportunity to raise awareness for and address some of the world’s biggest challenges—would they structure lesson plans based on environmental, city planning, or supply chain pain points? Would this hero prompt their students to use drones to explore new, experiential frontiers in agriculture, emergency response, construction, or film and media? Would drones be used to inspire creativity and an innovation mindset among students?

Nomination Process

Submitting a nomination is simple. Just tell us about your hero by completing and submitting the form linked below by 11:59pm on September 8, 2024. Consider how your hero is driving positive change, and how access to technology and learning tools like the Hopper drone could bolster their pedagogy and heighten impact. 

Nominations for the 2024/25 school year will be accepted until September 8, 2024, so don’t miss the chance to shine a spotlight on an educator who is helping shape the future of learning.  Join us in honoring these educational heroes, and let’s build, fly, and code for a better tomorrow! Recipients will be awarded on or about September 30, 2024.

The 2024/25 Heroes Program is offered in the United States of America.  


View Official Rules

No purchase necessary.  Nominator may nominate themselves or a third-party. Nominee must be (i) a STEM educator who teaches in an educational institution or other formal business entity located in the US that may accept the award under applicable laws, rules and regulations (“Company”); (ii) 18+ (or local age of majority where participant resides); and (iii) a legal resident of the 50 United States or DC. Nominations must be received by 11:59 PM PT on 9/8/24. Three award recipients will be chosen on or about September 30, 2024 to receive  One (1) Hopper 12 Classroom Bundle (“ARV”): $5,450) .  Award will be received by award recipient for their Company and sent to their Company. Award recipient is responsible for confirming that they and their Company are eligible and able to receive award under applicable laws, rules and regulations. If receipt of the award would violate applicable laws, rules or regulations, award recipient will be deemed ineligible and forfeit all rights to the award. Nominator may only nominate one nominee. For Official Rules, including judging criteria, visit

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